Seta Wet Blanket

Ceramic Fiber Wool Wet Blanket


Ceramic fiber wool wet blankets are highly versatile insulation materials used in various application areas. These blankets offer excellent thermal insulation properties and are commonly used in industries such as petrochemical, power generation, and steel production. The wet nature of the blankets allows for easy installation and handling, ensuring a secure fit in complex shapes and structures. The advantages of using ceramic fiber wool wet blankets include their high temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, and ability to withstand thermal shock. These blankets are also known for their lightweight and flexible nature, making them easy to transport and install. With a wide range of technical details available, such as different densities and thicknesses, these blankets can be customized to suit specific insulation requirements. Overall, ceramic fiber wool wet blankets provide effective insulation solutions for industrial applications, ensuring optimal energy efficiency and safety.