Seta Bulk

Ceramic Fiber Wool Bulk



•Textile manufacture
•Chimney fill
•Expansion joint packing
•Wet process feedstock
•Filtration media for high temperature
•Furnace insulation infill
•Ladle insulation

Ceramic fiber wool bulk, also known as seta fiber, is a highly versatile and efficient insulation material. It offers numerous advantages for various applications. Firstly, it has excellent thermal insulation properties, making it perfect for use in industries requiring high-temperature insulation. Additionally, seta fiber ceramic wool bulk is lightweight and has low thermal conductivity, resulting in energy savings and reduced heat loss. It is resistant to chemical corrosion, ensuring durability and longevity. This material finds its application in industries such as petrochemical, power generation, metallurgy, and automotive. It is commonly used in furnaces, kilns, boilers, and pipes to provide insulation and enhance thermal efficiency. With its exceptional thermal properties and wide range of applications, seta fiber ceramic wool bulk is a preferred choice for insulation needs in various industries.

•High Temperature Resistance
•Low Thermal Conductivity
•Lightweight and Flexible
•Chemical Resistance
•Low thermal strinkage
•Versatile Application