PVC Joint Tape


PVC joint tapes are a type of insulation tape that is made from PVC and is used for insulating dilatations, joints, and cracks that occur due to various reasons. These tapes are specifically designed to provide effective insulation and protection for these vulnerable areas. They are commonly used in construction and maintenance projects, where they serve as a reliable solution for preventing heat transfer, water leakage, and other potential damages. PVC joint tapes offer excellent adhesion and flexibility, allowing them to easily conform to different surfaces and shapes. With their durable and long-lasting properties, these tapes ensure a secure and efficient insulation solution, making them a popular choice in the industry.

Product Features

•High elasticity
•Resistant to adverse weather conditions and water.
•Easy to install and cost-saving


•DB 1 ,2 mm, 1 ,5 mm , 2 mm
•DB 10 cm , 15 cm , 20 cm , 25 cm and the multiples of them
•In White / Grey / Yellow / Black and in the requested colors.