PVC Geomembrane


PVC Geomembranes are both used in waterproofing and in applications that require the protection of concrete due to its high chemical resistance. Geomembranes produced with two different color layers to enable detection of deformation that may occur during application .

PVC Geomembranes are produced in thicknesses between 0.8 mm - 1.2 mm - 1.5 mm - 2 mm - 2.5 mm - 3 mm - 3.5 mm, up to 2.40 m width, in roll size of 20 m and above surface in the requested colors.

Area of Usage

•Dams / Ponds
•Tunnels (Highway, Subway, Cut and Cover)
•Bridges And Viaducts
•Water Tanks / Irrigation Channels
•Industrial Waste Storage Facilities / Treatment Facilities
•Pools (Sedimentation / Ventilation / Swimming / Ornamental)
•In Port Constructions
•Basement Tanking
•Oil and Mining Fields
•Underground Car Parks
•Terraces (Visited and Non-Visited)
•Wood, Steel and Green Roofs


•Thickness: 1.50 mm - 3.50 mm
•Width: Max 2.40 m
•Length: Max 60 m (in requested dimensions)
•Type: Plain, Signal Layered, UV Additive, T-GRIP, Felt Laminated