EPDM Membrane


Geomembranes, which are (synthetıc rubber thermoplastıc epdm ob) EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer ) based and have Thermoplastic Synthetic Rubber with Olefin blendl, are environmentally friendly geosynthetic insulation geomembranes due to their chemical structure.
It adds value to the structures with its long-life and high elasticity structure in foundation, curtain, terrace, irrigation ponds and all structures where waterproofing is considered.
EPDM membranes are highly efficient materials used for waterproofing. They offer several advantages over traditional methods, such as exceptional durability, resistance to UV rays, and excellent weathering properties. EPDM membranes are also known for their flexibility, making them ideal for various applications. These membranes can be easily installed, reducing labor costs and installation time. They have a long lifespan, ensuring long-term protection against leaks and water damage. EPDM membranes are widely used in different areas such as roofing, underground structures, ponds, and swimming pools. The technical information related to EPDM membranes includes details on their thickness, elongation, tensile strength, and temperature resistance. With their numerous benefits and versatility, EPDM membranes have become a popular choice for waterproofing needs.

Product Features

• Suitable for extreme climatic conditions
• Robust and testable
• Impact and puncture resistant, Local repairs can be done with hot air hand welding machines without the need for special chemical adhesives.
• EPDM Based Geomembranes are produced without reinforcementand with geotextile reinforcement.
• They can be welded easily by using PVC and PE Robot Welding machines


•Thickness: 0,80 mm - 3,50 mm
•Width: Max 2,40 m (In the requested size)
•Length: Max 75 m (In the requested size)
•Type: Straight, Felt Lamination